As part of our service to you and in order to make your events the best they can be, we have partnered with Njuko to bring you and your participants the best experience when it comes to registering for your event.  Njuko allows you to create  a bespoke digital experience for each of your participants by following 3 core values:

The White Label Experience – The registration link and the domain name remains under your name. Your logo and brand colours are put forward in the application and your participants will now stay in your branded environment and never leave your website.

No data ownership or use – The data collected is YOUR data. You can do what you like with it.

Your own payment gateway – Your participants pay you directly as an option. You finally control your cash flow in real time, you gain flexibility while managing your refunds and your supplier payments etc.

Get in touch with Sports Timing Plus now via the contact section to find out how we can help with your event!