Introduction: Hey there, fellow racer! We want to make sure you have the most epic race experience and receive accurate timing results for your incredible achievements. That’s why Sports Timing Plus is here with some friendly guidelines to help you make the most of your race. Let’s dive in!

Placement of bib number: Your bib number is like your superhero identity in the racing world. It’s unique to you and helps us identify you among your competitors. So, make sure it’s worn properly and visible at all times! We recommend wearing your bib number on the outer layer of your running apparel, right on your chest area. If you’re rocking a cool running jacket, simply place the bib number on top. And please, avoid covering or hiding your bib number and chip with items like a bum bag or running belt. We want to spot you in a heartbeat!

Timing chip: The timing chip is your trusty sidekick, already attached to your bib number. No need to stress about it, just follow the bib number placement instructions mentioned above. Our experts have positioned the chip perfectly for our timing equipment to pick up your precise timing. So, remember not to remove, tamper with, or fold the chip, as it may interfere with our timing equipment’s ability to register your progress at different checkpoints. Oh, and please don’t go on any “adventures” involving safety pins and damaging the chip. We need it intact!

Impact of arm positioning on chip detection: Picture this: you’re crossing over the chip timing detection mats, and you raise your arm triumphantly while stopping your personal timing device. It’s an epic moment! But wait, we want to make sure your timing chip gets the spotlight it deserves. So, here’s a tip: try to avoid starting or stopping your timing device with your arm or wrist directly on or over the front of the bib and chip. Keep your arms slightly away from the front of your body where the bib number resides when using your timing devices. Let’s give that chip its shining moment!

Protecting your bib number: Your bib number and timing chip are your partners in racing crime and should stay exclusive to you. We’re all about fairness and safety, so please don’t transfer, sell, or gift your bib number to anyone else. We want to ensure the right runner is identified at all times, even for medical and safety reasons. So, let’s keep it legit and avoid any unexpected “bib swap” situations. Safety first, fellow racer!

Remember, by following these guidelines, you’ll maximise your chances of receiving accurate timing results and having a blast during your race. At Sports Timing Plus, we’re cheering you on every step of the way!

Go for gold,

The Sports Timing Plus Team.